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Why certified organic

Why Organic?

Many ingredients used in our products are derived from plants such as carrots, cranberries and lavender. Organic refers to the way agricultural products used in our products have been grown and processed. Organic plant production maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Organic plant ingredients used in our products are processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation to maintain the integrity of the ingredient and to protect your family's health.
Pesticides can enter the body in many different ways – inhalation, ingestion, and direct contact with eyes or skin. Some pesticides accumulate in fatty tissue (bioaccumulation) and are endocrine disruptors. Repeated contact with even small doses of pesticides can cause build up in the body, possibly causing immune and nervous system disorders years after exposure. Because children have a habit of putting things in their mouths and because their bodies are still developing, they are at great risk of pesticide poisoning. With recent reports that some pesticides (such as atrazine) are not considered as safe as was thought in the past, we need to be more diligent to avoid them. Also, pesticides that have recently been banned could still be lurking in products that you have left over from years ago!

Benefits for choosing Certified Organic Products

Good for the soil

Organic systems rely on a modern and scientific understanding of ecology and soil science, while also depending on traditional methods of crop rotations to ensure fertility and weed and pest control.

Good for the environment

Organic systems aim to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. Organic production aims at all times towards sustainability whilst having best management of the environment and wildlife as a priority.

Good for people

Organic based ingredients have been shown in a number of studies to contain more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants than non-organic ingredients.

No synthetic chemicals

Organic systems prohibit the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.

No GMO's

Certified Organic products are produced without GMO’s, which are prohibited in the standards for organic food and farming.

Did you know

1/3 of all personal care products contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human Carcinogens
The average adult uses 9 personal care products daily – exposing them to 126 chemicals every day.
89% of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety.
Over the last 30 years only 9 of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products have been banned or restricted.


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Why CERTIFIED organic?

Did you know

In Canada, there are no government guidelines regulating the word “organic” on personal care products. There are many products on the market claiming they are organic or claiming they contain organic ingredients. The majority of these products are NOT verified for the authenticity. Consequently, there are no guarantees that the product actually contains organic ingredients. For example, you could introduce an  organic lavender oil in a 50ml bottle with the product containing only 1ml of certified organic lavender oil and 49ml of non-organic lavender oil. This is 100% legal but dishonest to the consumer who thinks they are buying 100% Organic… !
Green Beaver is a licensed certified organic manufacturer of certified organic personal care products which guarantees the organic authenticity of our product. "Certified Organic" means that our products have been manufactured according to strict uniform standards that are verified by an internationally recognized independent organization (Ecocert). Certification includes inspections of our manufacturing facility, detailed record keeping, and periodic surprise visits to ensure that we are meeting the standards which have been set.
Our certified organic and natural personal care formulas offer true benefits without the use of any potentially harmful and/or questionable ingredients or processes. They are:

  • Non toxic
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High quality
  • Natural
  • Synthetic chemical free
  • NOT tested on animals

Additionally we only use biodegradable ingredients, recyclable containers and packaging and many of our products are Vegan.
Certification is important because it helps avoid customer confusion when choosing organic skin care products. Organic certification does not limit itself to the finished product. Based on strict controls, this certification, demands respect of strict ecological standards throughout the process of formulation, production, packaging, labelling, transportation and tractability. By means of the NATURAL AND ORGANIC COSMETICS standards, Ecocert defines a requirement level that is superior to the conventional regulation governing cosmetics, thereby guaranteeing the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the production line, respect for the consumer and the promotion of natural substances of a superior ecological quality.

In short, “certified organic” means “guaranteed”!